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The Elusive Glen Dochart Beaver

On the 12th April 2015, we noticed that some of the branches on the banks of the River Dochart appeared to be knawed. We found a footprint and the teeth marks suugested that beavers might have reached the Glen - they are in the lower Tay River System.


Towards the end of May there was "something" squashed on the A85 just over 2km away from the area we were seeing all these marks -  we believe it was a beaver.  Sadly, we have not seen any new marks on the river bank and we can only presume that it was our beaver that got squashed. There is a pair of beavers currently making a lodge on the island at the top of Loch Tay so it won't be long before they begin to move up the river again and we will hopefully have our own population.

So we set up a stealth-cam and these are the photos we have had so far.

UPDATE: They are BACK (Nov 2015). We are seeing more and more marks on the river bank and we even saw a tail drag mark in the snow, but we still haven't managed to get the camera to capture a picture of the beaver. But we have got photos of some of the other beasties in Glen Dochart.

UPDATE: Finally we have proof. Ended up buying a new camera as the last one was taken unawares by quickly rising flood waters!!!

So at the end of January 2017, we had many more marks on trees and finally an individual triggered the camera.

November 2017: And then there were two - very excited to finally get footage of a pair of beavers on the River Dochart. I still haven't find the lodge but the search continues.

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A pair of Beavers on the River Dochart

A pair of Beavers on the River Dochart

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